“It takes a village to raise a child”

We have an opportunity for you to be part of Rafiki Village. Be a part of this community that can raise more children in rural Western Kenya

Our Impact

Empowering children, youths and communities

Rafiki Africa is involved in various projects that are focused in empowering community.

Our Mission

Rafiki envisions African communities living in Optimum Health. Optimum Health is the full potential of each community to experience lasting spiritual, emotional, economic, social, physical and environmental well being. Optimum Health brings hope and transformation.

Rafiki partners with children and families in the communities we serve to give them the capacity to experience Optimum Health.

By hope we mean: the belief that one’s life is able to be different than it is now. This is not a given in our community.

By capacity we mean: the ability to create change in one’s life. People with good health, skills, education and good credit have more capacity than those without them.

How to get involved

No matter how you choose to get involved, when you’re a part of the Rafiki Africa, the support of generous people like you empowers us to achieve our mission.