Impacting the Present: An exciting new beginning in education at Rafiki

by Dorothy Dulo

When I first met the 8th grade class of 2017, I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was very hopeful and knew that one day they would graduate and move on to High school but that day seemed so far and unreal. I have known these students for many years. Many started at LightHouse Academy in Kindergarten.

In the past few weeks I have spent many days preparing them for high school. I shopped, packed many suit cases, filled many pages of forms, travelled many miles and met new people together with our students. This new journey is very exciting to our students, parents and supporters.

Dorothy dropping off 3 students at their new school, where another student already attended.

LightHouse Academy has had nine 8th grade graduations. This year was one of the best yet. The class of 2017 has shown so much commitment to excellence in academics, health, community development, spirituality and supporting each other so they can grow together. Many bonds of friendship have been formed and they are committed to making them stronger an stronger. The seeds we’ve planted in their lives over the last 6-10 years are starting to grow.

God’s faithfulness and provision has been revealed and refreshed again to us. The constant reminders of His goodness are so refreshing and helps me focus on impacting the present.

As I journey along this new exciting period for our new 9th grade class, I am reminded of the big journey – taking care of all our students and families we serve. Being in the field everyday allows me the opportunity to be in the moment daily and to see the progress being made in the present and how it prepares us for the future.

A big thank you to all sponsors who supported the 8th grade class of 2017 and made it possible for them to attend high school!

God is blessing us with many new exciting beginnings this year. Stay connected on our monthly blog to read more on future sharing about other new beginnings.