Once a Dream, Now a Reality

“My relatives laughed at my mom telling her that I would not finish my education. They believed that the Rafiki method of providing education to girls was a crazy idea and would not work. Every year they saw me promoted to the next grade. When I completed my 8th grade, they started a rumor that

A Need to Read

by Amber Kepler Even though it is summer here in the United States, school is still on the brain for one teacher. Meg Diller, a preschool teacher in Lancaster, left in June for her second trip to visit LightHouse Academy in Alendu, Kenya. In 2015, Meg, along with other volunteers from the US, visited Alendu

Investing in Leadership Through Water

Kenya is in a historic drought. Many continue to lose crops and animals due to the poor rainfall. In Alendu, some families pay 50 shillings for 10 gallons of water. People with motorbikes ride to a water source, retrieve water, and bring it back to sell door to door. The water they sell for such a high

Sponsorship Spotlight: Calvince Otieno

The following letter was written by Calvince Otieno, who was sponsored by Rafiki Africa starting in the second grade. He wrote a letter of thanks to Rafiki Africa for the organization’s involvement in his and his family’s life. We edited the writing lightly, for comprehension. My name is Calvince Otieno, one of the Rafiki beneficiaries.

Match for Greatness

In October, Dorothy was able to spend more time with LightHouse Academy leadership students as well as the students in 4th to 8th grade. As a team, they planned together for 2017. And as a team, they decided to create and commit to what they are calling the “Match For Greatness” initiative. This initiative includes

Sew Long, Poor Attendance!

Rafiki Africa strives to provide women and girls with feminine hygiene education and materials. The beauty packs available for our girls help us meet this goal. Starting in April, the new tailoring class will meet the needs for other schools, as well as LightHouse Academy. Disposable sanitary pads in Kenya are expensive: not every girl

Training Center for Women & Girls

Rafiki Africa Foundation strongly believes in the empowerment and potential of women & girls. If the women in Kenya are trained in skills that will help them find a job or start a business, they will be able to provide for their families. These women can become change-makers who can help their communities thrive. On

The Blessing of One Faithful Family Sponsor

Meshack lost his wife during child birth and was left to care for six children. He had to send the newborn baby and Meldin, his seven year-old daughter, to live with a relative, because he could not afford to take care of them. For over two years, Meshack and his remaining children lived in a