The Blessing of One Faithful Family Sponsor

Meshack lost his wife during child birth and was left to care for six children.

He had to send the newborn baby and Meldin, his seven year-old daughter, to live with a relative, because he could not afford to take care of them. For over two years, Meshack and his remaining children lived in a very small and unsafe home. [Read more of their backstory here.]

Meldin on her first day of second grade at LHA

Rafiki Africa Foundation came to know about the family’s situation during a home visitation by our social workers.

The two teenage girls attended LightHouse Academy (LHA) and lived a very difficult life. They could not focus on their education because they had taken over

their mother’s responsibilities of providing for the family. Rafiki started working with this family to provide basic needs for the home. LHA offered Meshack a part-time position.

In addition, with the help of a generous U.S. sponsor, Meshack was able to reunite his family. Now they live in a safer home together. He can provide three meals a day, health care and other needs for his family. All the children are happily reunited and attending school at LHA.