Introducing High School Class of 2022

Rafiki Africa provides holistic education to girls and boys who are vulnerable and may not have a chance to get an education at all. Every year LightHouse Academy, a school sponsored by Rafiki Africa, graduates the 8th grade class to join High School. Rafiki has partnered with other High Schools for our students to attend

Update: Voices from the Class of 2021

After spending 11 years (K_8th grade) with most of these students, in January 2018 they left LightHouse Academy to go to High School. The teachers, staff, parents, and community at LightHouse knew they had established a solid foundation that would enable them to excel in every aspect of their education in High School. During their

Alendu has Water!

In the fall of 2016, our borehole struck clean water. In January of this year, we started water distribution implementation process. The trenches were dug, water pipes laid, water pump and solar installed and treatment house completed. We tested our water flow, made that test-run water available to all community members for free, so they could

Music as Vehicle For Greatness

Community Education: Primary Holistic Education By LightHouse Academy Choir   Rafiki empowers the communities in Kosele and Alendu through Holistic Education at LightHouse Academy. In December 2016 our Director challenged us to start a journey with her, that will uplift our community out of poverty. We committed to having accountability partners and looking for opportunities

Bringing Clean Water to Alendu

Fifteen years ago, a campaigning politician promised the people of Alendu clean water. They dug trenches and laid pipes, but they never saw clean water. After several such experiences, it’s no wonder that our our neighbors met our clean water project with suspicion and resistance. But by following through on our word, and by God’s

Extravagant Love

by Dorothy Dulo At the beginning of the year I asked God to show me the things I could give up in 2017 to love others extravagantly. Throughout the year I tried to be open to notice the things God was bringing to my attention. Showing love extravagantly is hard. Jesus gave us this example

Voices from 8th Grade – Class of 2021

Recently our 8th graders finished their exams, meaning that they are done with 8th grade and will move onto high school in January. We are spotlighting these students, who are the highest performing class we’ve had yet! In Kenya, even public high school has a tuition. The better high schools tend to have higher tuitions,

Annual Celebration Dinner 2017

Our Annual Celebration Dinner on October 19, 2017 was excellent! We had a great time sharing food and fellowship, and hearing from our speaker Jonathan Coleman, of ASSETS Lancaster, about missions and colonialism and the things we can do to invest in locally smart, grassroots solutions that honor the local people and their wisdom, as