Once a Dream, Now a Reality

“My relatives laughed at my mom telling her that I would not finish my education. They believed that the Rafiki method of providing education to girls was a crazy idea and would not work.

Every year they saw me promoted to the next grade. When I completed my 8th grade, they started a rumor that Rafiki had abandoned me and would not help me with high school education. When I graduated from 12th grade, they started a rumor that I was going to get married. I joined college in the city and they thought that it was true that I was married. Now I’ve graduated from college, and everyone is coming to my mom for advice on how they can enroll their daughters in Rafiki’s education program. Every year I learnt about Jesus at school and my life changed. I no longer participated in the things other girls and my relatives did. they laughed at me questioning my faith and waited to see if this God I was learning about at school would help me in my education.”

Clearly, this Rafiki student faced many challenges with her relatives and community during her education in the Rafiki program.

But she chose to stay focused and committed so she could complete the program. She recently graduated from college with a career in a specialty that she was passionate about.

Over the last 16-18 years many community members have doubted if Rafiki would realize its goals and mission of education that focuses on girls and the most vulnerable. But despite their doubts, God is faithful. He has shown His love and completed the work He began at LightHouse Academy. More and more, girls are leading and staying in school to complete their education through college.

This student’s story is one of many girls in the Rafiki education program. She is not the only one who has faced challenges. We trust that God will continue to help us reach more vulnerable girls. Rafiki has now completed the first circle of educating and caring for students from kindergarten to career.  It’s exciting and humbling to help focused, bold girls and boys to fulfill their God given potential and make their dreams become a reality.

Even with the odds stacked against them,  it is possible. Each transformed girl leads to a transformed family and a broken circle of poverty.

Through your prayers, support, and generosity, the dreams of these students become a reality and Rafiki reaches the most vulnerable girls and boys.

Join us in honor of International Day of the Girl.