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Farm + LightHouse Academy Partnership

The Rafiki farm has made a huge impact for LightHouse Academy in helping the school to be more long-term sustainable. LightHouse Academy used to purchase all of its food from outside of Alendu. Even the closest sources of food involved transportation costs, and food was a major part of the school’s budget. With the development of the Rafiki Farm, about 60% of the school’s food is able to be grown only 15 minutes away, at low cost to LightHouse Academy. The farm also provides agricultural training to women of the community and the students of LightHouse Academy, in turn increasing the food production capacity of the entire community! This is a huge deal in an area where drought is frequent, and special farming techniques are necessary to gain a harvest.

Helen Chiteri

Helen is a cook for LightHouse Academy and a member of our women’s program

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Our Graduates

College Graduates of 2016:

Calvince Otieno- working as a nurse; attended LightHouse Academy from ?- ?; background

Wendy Teresa Adhiambo – working as a land surveyor for CiviCon Africa, living in Nairobi; attended LightHouse Academy from ? – ? ; background

Still Completing College:

Levin Odunga



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