Our Mission


© Jordan Bush 2015

We’re an international organization working at grassroot levels, empowering children

and families to transform their communities.


Rafiki envisions African communities living in Optimum Health. Optimum Health is the full potential of each community to experience lasting spiritual, emotional, economic, social, physical and environmental well being. Optimum Health brings hope and transformation.

Rafiki partners with children and families in the communities we serve to give them the capacity to experience Optimum Health.

By hope we mean: the belief that one’s life is able to be different than it is now. This is not a given in our community.

By capacity we mean: the ability to create change in one’s life. People with good health, skills, education and good credit have more capacity than those without them.



© Jordan Bush 2015

Christ-Centered Actions: Our comprehensive approach keeps Christ at the center of every activity, resource and program.

Compassion, Respect, and Dignity: We know that by treating our community with compassion, respect, and dignity, their self-worth grows. And with self-worth comes the willingness to accept responsibility to positively change their personal lives.

Empowerment and Accountability: Our goal is to engage in activities that will empower the community to be self-sustaining and successful. At the same time, everyone we work with are held to account for their actions. This requires that we engage in high standards of equipping others and empowerment.

Professionalism and Pride: We expect everyone that serves with us will conduct themselves in a professional manner and with a sense of pride in the quality of work, so that others would desire to be fully engaged in our work as well. Like all of our values, this value extends across our professional staff, interns, volunteers, and partners.

Collaboration: We believe we must link hands with people who share the same global vision to end poverty and suffering. A village of Like-hearted and Like-minded partners and supporters are assets to Rafiki’s work. It takes a village to sustain a village in Kenya. Together we can transform lives and communities.