Music as Vehicle For Greatness

Community Education: Primary Holistic Education

By LightHouse Academy Choir


Rafiki empowers the communities in Kosele and Alendu through Holistic Education at LightHouse Academy.

In December 2016 our Director challenged us to start a journey with her, that will uplift our community out of poverty. We committed to having accountability partners and looking for opportunities to network and engage ourselves outside our village. Our theme is “march for greatness”.
In January one of our teachers started a school choir. We were very excited because it was a great opportunity to interact with other students throughout the country.
After 3 months of training and practices, we started our competitions. The first competition was with local schools. We took second place in 2 of our songs and were promoted to the county level. In the next level, we took position 2 and were promoted again to the regional level.  At regional competitions, we took position 3 and did not proceed to national competitions.

Through the choir competitions, we learnt a lot. The most important lessons were:
1. There are many students in Kenya who love music but lack good training and resources.
2. Rafiki is committed to our growth and holistic development. We’ve been supported with all the musical instruments and resources we needed to be successful.
3. Our school truly offers the best holistic education. Talking to other students, we confirmed that we are privileged to be at LightHouse Academy.
4. Our country is very corrupt in all systems. Our director does not bribe anyone. She has taught us to be honest and always to be of integrity.
5. We have a lot of work to do – to teach students from other schools the values we’ve been taught. We also need to join hands with other like-minded groups. This is the only way injustices in Kenya will end.
6. There are many committed beautiful people who support Rafiki. Some helped us achieve our goals. They donated to help us buy choir uniforms and pay for all the other expenses.
This is just the beginning of our ‘march for greatness’. Please follow us and stand with us as we trust God for more opportunities to change our beautiful country of Kenya.
Thank you to all our friends, partners and supporters. We love you all.

Enjoy one of our songs HERE!