Training Center for Women & Girls

Rafiki Africa Foundation strongly believes in the empowerment and potential of women & girls. If the women in Kenya are trained in skills that will help them find a job or start a business, they will be able to provide for their families.

These women can become change-makers who can help their communities thrive.

On the other hand, if women or girls do not possess skills to provide for their families, they become vulnerable to all kinds of injustices. Domestic violence, sex trafficking, death from preventable disease, starvation and early marriage are real daily dangers for girls and women in Kenya.

So, Rafiki is working to build a business and training center to provide opportunities for women and girls to learn skills that will enable them to obtain income for their families.

Currently, skills training is provided to a small group under the tree. The new building will provide a permanent place to house supplies and classrooms, and keep equipment safe. The center will enhance learning experiences and help Rafiki reach more women.

If you would like to travel to help launch this program or help with the construction of the building, please contact us.

UPDATE: see article [link]