Alendu has Water!

In the fall of 2016, our borehole struck clean water.

In January of this year, we started water distribution implementation process. The trenches were dug, water pipes laid, water pump and solar installed and treatment house completed. We tested our water flow, made that test-run water available to all community members for free, so they could experience it for themselves. Some of the biggest doubters of the project came running and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Clean water right next to their houses has been a pipe dream for them, something that could never happen. Now the same people who had been resistant are offering their help and are actively supporting the project! Praise God!

Recently we had a community celebration and commissioning for the water. Watch video here!

To God be all the glory. Thank you to all who participated in every way – financial donations, technical and moral support and many other ways. You all gave life to the Alendu and Kosele Communities, water is life!