Update: Voices from the Class of 2021

After spending 11 years (K_8th grade) with most of these students, in January 2018 they left LightHouse Academy to go to High School. The teachers, staff, parents, and community at LightHouse knew they had established a solid foundation that would enable them to excel in every aspect of their education in High School.

During their holiday break, we sat down with them to hear more about their High School experience this far. Here is what they had to say:

Willyster SimeĀ – “My teachers are fun and committed to helping us. The first month was hard because I didn’t know how to properly manage my time, especially for my studies. I joined a study group. It has helped me finish my homework and extra studies on time.”

James Opere – “I love my science classes. I wake up everyday and look forward to the physics, chemistry and math lessons. I’ve been able to help other students who are not doing well in the science classes. I was so excited and encouraged when I found out that Rafiki helped me with my school fees. My dad wanted me to join a village high school with poor academic performance. I was sad everyday. But when I found out about the scholarship, I knew I had the opportunity to work hard and be successful in my education.”

Scholar Achieng – “I love my school. The headmistress is very committed to excellence. The teachers are true role models. I am learning a lot both academically and socially.”

Linda Akoth – “I think our school is the best high school in Kenya. The food is excellent and balanced. The teachers are committed and know what they are doing. All the other staff is committed to their work. The girls are friendly. All students love and help each other.”

Esther Akoth – “I love my school. The teachers and the headmistress are so kind. I’m in student government, I lead Bible study and do peer counseling. I’m in drama and music clubs. I know that everyone at my school cares for my success. I am working hard and cherishing this opportunity. There are many girls who want an education but cannot get one. But most of all, I thank God for bringing Rafiki into my life and giving me this scholarship so I can get an education.”

Abigael Siwo – “I am so happy to be in High School. I know my dreams will come true because there are wonderful people supporting all of us. I feel so special to be a girl in this community because I know all the girls from LightHouse will change this community. For now, we have to work hard in school and get our careers first. My high school is great, I love it.”

Collins Oduka – “My High School has a very high population of students. I have to be assertive and stand out to get the teachers help and other services. There are many boys who are not very nice but I show them kindness. I lost a few things the first term. I am grateful for being at that school because I’m learning teamwork with people I may not like.”

Class of 2021 – “High School is fun, fun, fun! We are so grateful to everyone who partnered with Rafiki in 2018 to help us join High School in January. Your contributions helped pay our school fees. Many of our friends did not go to school due to lack of money, but because of your support, we are in school this year. We promise to work hard and excel in everything we do. Your support in 2019 for our 10th-grade year will be a blessing. Our community is to have Rafiki work with us. Thank you for being our friends.”

Thank you to all the sponsors for the Class of 2021. Help Rafiki send these students back to school in January 2019 for their 10th-grade year. Give HERE.