Who We Are

Rafiki Africa Foundation is a Christian faith-based 501c(3) non-profit organization focused on alleviating poverty.


Our mission is pretty simple: we want to see our communities grow in hope and capacity. We know that this leads to lasting spiritual, emotional, economic, social, physical and environmental transformation.

By hope we mean: the belief that one’s life is able to be different than it is now. This is not a given in our community.

By capacity we mean: the ability to create change in one’s life. People with skills, education and good credit have more capacity than those without them.

We take a whole-life approach to transformation, so our work takes on a lot of different forms.

  • 200 students at LightHouse Academy, K-8
  • Partnering with other schools to admit our students to local high schools and colleges
  • Teaching the community environmental sustainability, especially around charcoal
  • Providing access to clean water
  • Training women to grow food on our farm (which also provides food for the LightHouse Academy students!)
  • Providing basic healthcare for kids and community at LightHouse Academy
  • Training women and girls through job skills training programs so they are able to financially provide for their families
  • Transforming lives through Jesus – teaching His ways, demonstrating His love, and showing His leadership in all of our activities


We serve in Rachuonyo District of Homabay County in Western Kenya.  LightHouse Academy is located in the village of Alendu.

  Map of Kenya with Alendu highlighted

Christ-Centered Actions: Rafiki Africa’s comprehensive approach keeps Christ at the center of every activity, resource, or program.

Compassion, Respect, and Dignity: We know that by treating the community with compassion, respect, and dignity, self-worth grows. And with self-worth comes the willingness to accept responsibilities and commitments to positively change their personal lives.

Empowerment and Accountability: Our goal is to engage in activities that will empower the community to reach their goals to be self-sustaining and successful. At the same time, the communities we serve and everyone we work with is held to account for their actions. This requires that we engage in high standards of equipping others and empowerment.

Professionalism and Pride: We expect everyone that serves with Rafiki Africa will conduct themselves in a professional manner and with a sense of pride in the quality of work, so that others would desire to be fully engaged in our work as well. Like all of our values, this value extends across our professional staff, interns, volunteers, and partners.

Collaboration: We believe we must link hands with people who share the same global vision to end poverty and suffering. Together we can transform lives and communities.

Wow! We love that you’re on board with our mission and want to get involved. You can start by signing up for Rafiki updates at the bottom of this page so we can keep in touch! Check out the Get Involved tab for some more ideas on how to be an ambassador, volunteer, or donate.

Our Approach Is…



We know the environment and family structure of the students and families we serve have an impact in their lives, so we take that into account in all of our services and decisions.





We research and apply economic and sustainable systems that are useful to the communities we serve. Our desire is for Rafiki Africa’s impact to be self-sustaining, fueled by the community’s ability to keep appropriate programs running well beyond our direct involvement.



We consider the whole person, including the spiritual, mental, social, economic, and education needs of each individual. All of our programs are created to serve the pieces of people that make them whole.